Thursday, December 4, 2008

Slimming Miss Me Camo Jeans

If your a fan of women's western jeans and like to wear the newest trends, you'll love these Miss Me Camo jeans. Embellished with clear rhinestones and camo accented pockets make this pair of Miss Me jeans really stand out among the rest. Sexy, slim fit styling really accentuates the curves in all the right places. This featured embellished pair of women's jeans has a two-button waist with convenient zipper fly. Very low rise waist. Traditional five-pocket construction. Medium indigo wash emphasized by distressed accents and cross-hatching. Made of 98% cotton denim and 2percent spandex. This pair of awesome western jeans looks great with a pair of your favorite women's cowboy boots or any other footwear of choice. Purchase at:, the biggest online store for western wear for both men and women.

Women's western jeans are actually superior to regular jeans in their durability and great for the active woman that's a bit hard on her jeans. To buy quality brand name western jeans online visit Womens Western Jeans and get rock bottom prices. There's no need to pay a fortune for good blue jeans! To see more of the leading brands in women's jeans like Miss Me, Cruel Girl, and Wrangler, see Western Jeans for Active Women on squidoo!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Retro Womens Western Shirts

Women that enjoy western clothing are opting to wear western shirts that offer a feminine retro flair. Gone are the days of looking like a cowboy in your women's western gear! Western shirts with floral contrasts, embroidery, piping, pearl snap closures, and rhinestones are just a few details incorporated in womens western shirts that offer a retro western glam look. Pretty retro women's western shirts include florals, rhinestone embellished denims, and pastel plaids that all make up fashionable womens western shirts that will allow you to ride into the sunset in style.

Retro womens western shirts are fashionably modern. You can wear these western shirts tucked, with a cami, or untuck and belt it. The possibilities are so stylish!

The featured womens western shirt in the pic is a wonderful new retro trend this year. If you love color and like bold designs, you'll fall head over heels for the paisley western shirt by Wrangler. Two retro western faux smile pockets. Snap closures at front placket and two snap cuffs. Made of 100% cotton poplin. Available at Sheplers.

Some of the hottest new looks by Roper, Ariat, Wrangler, Scully, Panhandle Slim and more can be found in women's retro western shirts. If your shopping online for Womens Western Shirts, there are several recommended sites you can visit. You can purchase brand name western shirts just like the ones mentioned for half the price!

Womens Western Wear blog and Feminine Womens Western Shirts lens on Squidoo also offer some great fashion advice for the country western gal that likes to dress stylish.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Womens Cowboy Hats

Ladies cowboy hats are great for wearing when out on the town, country music concerts, rodeos, shows, trail rides, or just keeping the sun off. Your women's country western look just can't be complete without wearing a ladies cowboy hat. When your shopping for a quality cowgirl hat, you'll find the prices to be quite high. Let me tell you where you can buy a quality ladies cowboy hat at unbelievable low cost!

Whether your searching for the perfect cowgirl hat to say "I do" or a knock around ladies cowboy hat for a day out doors, you're sure to find a brilliant new look for your unique country western style and at a very affordable price. You can find the perfect ladies cowboy hat at an unbelievable low cost at Discount Ladies Cowboy Hats. You might also like any of the featured ladies cowboy hats from Amazon:

Ladies cowboy hats are available in leather, suede, straw, wool, or felt and can be purchased in just about any color, too. Brand name ladies cowboy hats include Bailey, Renegade by Bailey, Shady Brady, Stetson, Charlie 1 Horse, and Resistol. Though, there are many generic womens ladies cowboy hats available, I find it best to go with a quality brand name. To find out more about ladies cowboy hats see Ladies Cowboy Hats on Squidoo. You might be surprised to find that ladies cowboy hats are worn all over the country, not just the western states, like years ago. City slickers from New York City, as well as fashionistas that just like to change it up once in a while are opting for country western fashions. Its an exciting, fun look to wear and is an absolute must if your attending a country music concert or bar!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Western Handbags for Stylish Western Fashion

Western handbags for stylish western fashion are worn by women all over the globe, not just gals from Texas. You can spot city gals sporting their western bags, too. What is the reason for the rage in western fashions and handbags? Its mainly due to the uniqueness that the western handbag carries.

The Western handbag of choice is usually one that is made of the finest quality leather, a hand tooled handbag would be ideal to complete your country western look. Awesome western handbags are available that include suede fringed bags, saddle bags, tooled leather bags, or large cowgirl totes. The materials used for really good western handbags is usually of the utmost quality (like leather and cowhide), therefore, the prices can be quite high.

The most stylish of ladies sling a western handbag or purse over their shoulder; they do it because they can afford to (western bags can be quite expensive) and because the western bag allows them to express themselves in a country western type of way. If really want a unique western handbag but not at the high cost, visit Discount Western Handbags. You can find a really cool western handbags for practically pennies.

If you'd like to view some western handbags to get an idea of what you might like, view the most unique styles in western handbags at Unique Western Handbags on Squidoo. I know its hard to find quality western products, especially when you live in the big city, shopping online does make it easier. So start shopping so you can make a truly unique fashion statement by carrying a western handbag.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

How to Dress Like a Cowgirl

Want to learn how to dress like a cowgirl? Real cowgirls, sporting their low-rise western jeans, womens cowboy boots, and cowgirl hats, take fashion and femininity to a whole new level of intrigue. If your curious how you can dress like a cowgirl and fool even the smartest cowboy, I'll teach you how to dress like a true western cowgirl. Whether your going to your first country western concert or want to dress cowgirl for a costume party, these fashion tips will lead you straight to the most convincing country western dressing for ladies.

Okay girls, let's start at the top, while assembling a really awesome cowgirl wardrobe. First you'll need a cowgirl hat, you can choose any color or material, just be sure it fits right. Measure around your head for the perfect hat size, before you buy a cowgirl hat. You definitely don't want a cowgirl hat that is too small or too big. Get the right size, very important.

Next, your womens country western wear should include a pair of great fitting western jeans, a womens western shirt or vest, and if it's chilly out a cowgirl jacket. Take notice that cowgirls do wear womens western belts and flashy western belt buckles. Another fashion accessory for the cowgirl is a western handbag, usually made of leather and often times are hand-tooled. Of course, you absolutely must wear womens cowboy boots to pull off the cowgirl look. Depending on how serious your taking your cowgirl look, you can spend a lot of money and buy quality cowgirl boots like Ariat or buy cheaper no name cowgirl boots. Last but not least is western jewelry. Cowgirls accessorize with western boleros, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Need more help in how to dress like a cowgirl, can also give you some suggestions on where to find womens country western wear.

Womens Western Belt Buckles

Womens western belt buckles are worn among the most chic cowgirls. Country western women all complete their look by wearing a womens western belt buckle as a fashion accessory. A womens western belt buckle that is carefully selected reflects the lifestyle and personality of the cowgirl or the wearer. Cowgirls and women that enjoy dressing country western usually all have a varied collection of womens belt buckles. The smart ones know where to buy quality womens belt buckles cheap! You can, too.

Womens western belt buckles are like wearing jewelry on your belt. As we know, most women do love wearing jewelry in the most various places, the country western gal chooses to display her jewelry at her waistline. You can choose western belt buckles in wide selection of motifs including cowboys, initials, flowers, horses, steer head, country music logos, hearts, your favorite country music singer, or whatever you really want to display on your waistline. Whether you want to add a new western belt buckle to your collection or its your very first one, have fun shopping for the motif that reflects your unique personality.

Womens country wear has become popular among city slickers, too! Country music fans especially enjoy dressing country western. Wearing womens cowboy boots, a cowgirl hat, western jeans, western jewelry, and of course a womens western belt buckle at your waist is totally country western rockin!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cowboy Boots for Women

Make a bold country western statement wearing a cool pair of Cowboy boots for women. Years ago, traditional womens cowboy boots were simply made from cowhide with very limited customization that only included a little decorative stitching on the sides. Cowboy boots for women and men today have changed a great deal. Today you can buy a pair of cool womens cowboy boots that are available in a multitude of colors including pink, yellow, and orange! Your new western boots can be made from exotic skins such as ostrich or stingray. Silver or gold toe tips, hand-worked leather inlays and exotic ornamentation can also be worn by today's western wear enthusiast.

Today, womens cowboy boots have gained huge popularity, especially among country music fans. Womens cowboy boots have been made fashionable again by Hollywood celebrities including Nicole Richie, Hilary Duff, and Jessica Simpson. Jessica has recently debuted her own line of womens western boots,which is available in a multitude of cool colors.

Whether your opting for bridal cowgirl boots, urban cowgirl boots, western cowgirl boots, or vintage cowgirl boots, you can find them cheap at Womens Western Boot Sale. .

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Country Western Wear for Women

Country western clothing for women has been quite trendy lately. Ladies from all over the U.S. are wearing fashionable country western clothing. Leather cowgirl boots, womens western blue jeans, and cowgirl hats that have been worn by cowgirls of the past are now being worn among country music fans and women that just like the country western style in their fashions. Advice on how you can pull of the chic country western look can be found at Womens Western Wear. Whether your looking to buy womens cowboy boots, western jewelry, western jeans, or a western jacket, you'll find great buys here.

Dressing in womens western clothing is a fun and unique way to show your love for country western and can be done both fashionably and affordably. Womens Western Clothing for Women
can also give you some great tips for dressing chic country western.